Monday, July 23, 2012

Trek to Prabalgad

I had done a trek to Prabalgad on 14th July. The fort on top of Prabalgad is destroyed by the British. It is one of the twin forts along with Kalavantin.

Trek Location
Name: Prabalgad
Base Village : Thakurwadi
Distance: 53km from Mumbai and 14 km from Panvel
Route to reach base: From mumbai take eastern express way, reach panvel. take a rick(or tum tum) and reach Thakurwadi.(On the way we cross Shedung Phata, Belavli and Vardoli)
Ascent time: 5hrs(include time for photo shoots,enjoy the view of the hills and breakfast)
Descent time: 3 and half hours(include lunch)
Height of the Lohagad fort: 2320ft

Trek Experience: Started early in the morning. Reached panvel station by 7:20 am. Had Samosa and waited for other members in the group to join for the trek. By 8:30 am everyone reached panvel station. Direct bus to Thakrwadi is at 7:45 am. I missed it. Next Bus is at 10:00 am. So took a tum tum direct to Thakurwadi. Reached the village at 9:25 am. Started Ascent at 9:30 am. It was drizzling while I started.The route upto base camp is little steep. There is a proper trail upto the base.I had halted at few points to have breakfast and to enjoy the view of the hills. At Base Camp I had delicious Poha. From the base camp the route to Kalavantin and Prabalgad will vary.Taken left from the Camp.There is a wooden gate, once I crossed that there is a narrow trail. Followed the trail.There is an electric pole, where I had taken right directly towards the face of the Prabalgad rock. The trail is steep and looks like a cattle route and very little exposure of sky. I reached the huge rock face of the Prabalgad. Followed the trail. I crossed the water stream.I now saw the rock patches. Here I see Arrow Marks pointing downwards(to track the route).I reached a flat terrain, with narrow trail covered with green grass on both sides. It was a little length walk on the terrain along the narrow trail.As I followed the trail, I came across two routes, taken left. Here I was going down. I saw a water tank to the left and to the right, I saw a machi in shape of horse shoe. I moved straigt along the trail. Reached the top of the Prabalgad. The view from the top is amazing. Kalavantin is clearly visible with all the steps. Also I was ableto see Chanderi, Karnala from the top. At 4:00 pm started descent. By 5:00 pm reached the base camp. Had Bakari-Pitla, Rice-Dal. At 6:00 pm started towards the base villaged. Reached Thakurwadi by 7:30 pm. The last bus from Thakurawadi to Panvel station is at 8:00 pm. The bus came around 8:25 pm. Boarded the bus and reached panvel station around 9:15 pm. Had Bhutta and then left for Mumbai.


  1. it's really awesome...


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